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London Assembly - Screen shot
Yorkshire and Humberside 2010 (Swings and Pie charts)
Northern Ireland Assembly - Screen shot
Scotland 2010 Vs 1992 (showing seats changed hands)

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UK-Elect Standard Edition v12.4

  • Forecast the next General Election now
  • All General Election results from 1983 to 2019 inclusive
  • All UK Euro Election results since 1989
  • UK European Referendum Results 2016 and 1975
  • All Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections including 2021
  • All London Assembly and Mayoral elections including 2021
  • Northern Ireland Assembly elections from 2003 to 2022
  • Referendums
  • Many electoral systems supported - First Past The Post, Additional Member (AMS), Alternative Vote (AV), Single Transferable Vote (STV) etc.
  • Functionality far beyond that found in simple online calculators. See here for more details
  • Supports all the common forecasting methods - Uniform National Swing, Proportional, Proportional Loss, Proportional Loss with Threshold (Strong Transition Model) etc. - or create your own method. See here for more details
  • Includes additional UK-Elect specific methods intended to take optimal advantage of the huge range of UK-Elect forecasting configuration options, including settings related to Brexit strength of feeling and the use of 2016 European referendum results on a constituency basis.
  • Optionally forecast using separate Scottish, Welsh, London, other regional and GB percentages. Combine separate regional forecasts and GB forecast into one overall forecast as required - let UK-Elect deal with the complexity.
  • Now includes greatly enhanced web integration - can automatically and dynamically link to, and display, latest up-to-date information about constituencies, candidates and elections while browsing within UK-Elect.
  • Powerful analysis, filtering and display facilities
  • Can make reverse forecasts - what percentage national vote would be required to win seats
  • Includes UK 2019 General Election results
  • Now includes full support for latest UK political situation include the 2023 onwards General Election boundaries.

For details of what's new see the readme file: UK-Elect ReadMe

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