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South East England 2023
How the UK changed - most significant 'swing to' in May 2015 General Election)
1975 European Community (Common Market) Referendum
Hampshire Districts 1995 compared to 1990
1997 Scottish Devolution Referendum Screen shot
June 1989 European Elections Screen shot

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UK-Elect Professional Edition v12.4

  • Forecast any British Election now
  • All General Election results from 1983 to 2019 inclusive
  • All UK Euro Election results since 1984 (now including 2019)
  • UK European Referendum Results for 2016 and 1975
  • All Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly elections including 2021
  • All London Assembly and Mayoral elections including 2021
  • Northern Ireland Assembly elections from 2003 until 2022
  • Hundreds of sets of local election results, from 1990 to 2023
  • Referendums
  • See Results available in UK-Elect Professional Edition for a list of the available results
  • Forecast UK General Election, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, London Assembly, UK European elections, county councils, district councils, metropolitan councils etc. etc.
  • Functionality far beyond that found in simple online calculators. See here for more details
  • Supports all the common forecasting methods - Uniform National Swing, Proportional, Proportional Loss, Proportional Loss with Threshold (Strong Transition Model) etc. - or create your own method. See here for more details
  • Includes additional UK-Elect specific methods intended to take optimal advantage of the huge range of UK-Elect forecasting configuration options, including settings related to Brexit strength of feeling and the use of 2016 European referendum results on a constituency basis.
  • Optionally forecast using separate Scottish, Welsh, London, other regional and GB percentages. Combine separate regional forecasts and GB forecast into one overall forecast as required - let UK-Elect deal with the complexity.
  • Powerful analysis, filtering and display facilities - easy to display on a map almost anything you want, e.g. "show me which MPs in 2017, standing again, did worse than would be expected on average for new candidates for their party!"
  • Can make reverse forecasts - what percentage national vote would be required to win seats
  • Includes full UK 2019 General Election results
  • Includes support for forecasting the next (due no later than January 2025) UK General Election
  • Includes UK 2019 European Parliament election results
  • Now includes full support for latest UK political situation include the 2023 onwards General Election boundaries.

Note: If UK-Elect General Elections Edition is updated within the next 90 days after purchase of this product then a free upgrade to that version will be provided.

For details of what's new see the readme file: UK-Elect ReadMe

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