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Green Vs UKIPPercentages, Feb 2015 Forecast
South West England Gains, Feb 2015 Forecast
Liberal Democrat Vs Green, Feb 2015 Forecast
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UK-Elect General Elections Edition v12.4

  • Forecast the next General Election now
  • All General Election results from 1983 to 2019 inclusive
  • Comprehensive forecasting and analysis tools 
  • Functionality far beyond that found in simple online calculators. See here for more details
  • Supports all the common forecasting methods - Uniform National Swing, Proportional, Proportional Loss, Proportional Loss with Threshold (Strong Transition Model) etc. - or create your own method. See here for more details
  • Includes additional UK-Elect specific methods intended to take optimal advantage of the huge range of UK-Elect forecasting configuration options, including settings related to Brexit strength of feeling and the use of 2016 European referendum results on a constituency basis.
  • Can consider by-election results and the latest constituency opinion polls when making forecasts.
  • Now includes greatly enhanced web integration - can automatically and dynamically link to, and display, latest up-to-date information about constituencies, candidates and elections while browsing within UK-Elect.
  • Powerful analysis, filtering and display facilities
  • Can make reverse forecasts - what percentage national vote would be required to win seats
  • Includes full UK 2019 General Election results
  • Now includes full support for latest UK political situation and the new 2023 onwards General Election boundaries.

For more details of what's new see the readme file: UK-Elect GE Edition ReadMe

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